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Author Topic: October 13: Pretty Good Puzzle Grid  (Read 1576 times)


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October 13: Pretty Good Puzzle Grid
« on: October 13, 2015, 04:16:56 PM »
Jacob Stulberg's crossword in today's Daily News uses the clue "Somewhat family-friendly" for PGTHIRTEEN. Thirteen words and phrases include PG. Among them are PGA, MPG, CAPGUN, CAMPGROUND, SWAMPGAS, STOPGAP, PINUPGIRL, KEEPGOING and CRAPGAMES. And is it just coincidental that the PG-13 puzzle was published on October 13? I wonder.

The Universal crossword includes three A-H phrases: ACHILLESHEEL, AUDREYHEPBURN and AIRPLANEHEADING. Amazing, huh?

Mike Peluso's Los Angeles Times crossword includes MORTALENEMY, FATALERROR, SMARTALECK and Canadian-born actress RUTALEE. (Her real last name is Kilmonis; her parents came from Lithuania.) "Truth known only to a few" is INSIDESTORY. Hidden in each of those four answers is TALE.

And now we're all wondering where the term "smart-aleck" came from, right? If not, please start wondering now. I'll wait.

Okay, according to Gerald Cohn's 1985 book Studies In Slang, the term is a corruption of "smart Alex," a nickname given by New York City police in the 1840s to Alex Hoag, a pimp, thief and con man.


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Re: October 13: Pretty Good Puzzle Grid
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2015, 09:25:33 AM »
He couldn't have been too smart if he couldn't outsmart 19th Cent. cops.


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