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Author Topic: The July 14 crosswords have been saved  (Read 1386 times)


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The July 14 crosswords have been saved
« on: July 14, 2015, 04:11:17 PM »
C.C. Burnikel's Los Angeles Times crossword today includes TIMETRAVEL, MONEYTALKS, FACEPOWDER and SPACECADET. "'That's enough!'...or what one can do with the first word" of those answers is SAVEIT. We also get Roman numerals (DLI), foreign words (SATAY, TETE, UNE), brand names (LUVS, SBARRO, USWEEKLY) and three over-used words (ABET, ARENA, SPA).

Susan Gelfand's Daily News crossword includes these puns:

Actress stumbles? FIELDTRIPS
Comedian cultivates flowers? ROCKGARDENS
Poet inks a contract? POUNDSIGNS
Opera singer scrawls graffitui? PRICETAGS
Philosopher removes his clothes? BACONSTRIPS

The 13x13 NEA crossword never has a theme and seldom has any words of more than seven letters. Today's includes the over-used words ALE, EDDY, LEE, MRS and OAR. The Universal crossword includes EEN, GNU, ONO, SPA and STEP. The theme answers are PHOTOSPREAD, DOGBLANKET, CRAZYQUILT and SPREADSHEET. I think WETBLANKET would have been a better choice than DOGBLANKET and it would have been nice if the name of 1960s-70s country singer Ray Pillow could have been included. And don't editors frown on using the same word (such as SPREAD) twice in one puzzle? Apparently not always.


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