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ACPT 2024

The 46th Annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament
April 5-7, 2024
The Marriott in Stamford, CT


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New Wordlist Feature

New Puzzle Database WordList Feature

Cruciverb database users have previously been able to download the "all publishers" and the "nyt only" wordlists. There are four new files being offered. Both the "all" and "nyt" files now have a version that includes only words that have appeared at least three times in the database. Another includes only words that have appeared at least five times. This will take things a step further in eliminating unusable or less-than-ideal words in the wordlists.

File Publisher Min. Count Unique Words
all All Publishers 1 165,601
all3 All Publishers 3 78,539
all5 All Publishers 5 56,041
nyt New York Times Only 1 106,318
nyt3 New York Times Only 3 43,674
nyt5 New York Times Only 5 29,009

NYT Submission editor and more

You may have noticed that it's not straightforward when trying to export a Crossword Compiler file such that it is properly formatted for submissions to the NYT. There is a solution. Try the NYT Submission Editor tool.  You can export from Crossword Compiler to a .puz (Across Lite) file, then use the NYT submission editor for desired formatting. This tool was inspired by Alex Boisvert's PUZ to NYT Converter found on his Crossword Nexus site.

Submission Guidelines for the Los Angeles Times Crossword

We are looking for fun, fresh, well-constructed crosswords that will appeal to a wide variety of solvers. 15x15 daily ($125 per puzzle); 21x21 Sunday ($300 per puzzle).

Full guidelines, including email address for submissions, can be found here.

Patti Varol, Editor
Christina Iverson, Assistant Editor

Crossword Scraper

Some crossword puzzle sites no longer offer puzzles in Across Lite (.puz) format. Many solvers do not like the Javascript option. What to do? Look no further than the Crossword Scraper browser extension, available for both Chrome and Firefox.

The extension allows you to pull up a Javascript page, then click on the extension's icon (it's a small, black "down arrow" icon). You are then given a choice of saving the puzzle in .puz, .jpz or .pdf formats. Brilliant!

Find out more about the Crossword Scraper extension here:

Crossword Scraper for Chrome

Crossword Scraper for Firefox


- Kevin

Interview with Gary Larson

Here's another interview from among today's most prolific crossword puzzle constructors.

This second interview is with Gary Larson.

Like Paul Coulter (see previous intervew), Gary has not been constructing for that long but he sure pumps them out.

Read the interview ...

Interview with Paul Coulter

I've been doing interviews with some of today's most prolific crossword puzzle constructors. Some have not been at this game for that long but seem to be able to pump out puzzle after puzzle at an astonishing rate.

My first interviewee is Paul Coulter

BONUS: Paul has provided one of his unpublished puzzles (see link at end of interview).

Read the interview ...

Crossword Subscriptions

It's nice to have the Today's Puzzles links on the right-hand column, but let's not forget about the subscription-based puzzles out there! If you want quality puzzles by some of the best in the business, look no further. The subscription fees are next-to-nothing, so please give your support and subscribe!


Name Editor/Constructor Delivery Day Size Cost Action
Hub Crosswords Pahk & Quigley  Sunday 21x21 From $3 per month Subscribe
Crossword Nation Liz Gorski Tuesday 15x15 $19.99 per year  Subscribe
Matt's Crossword Contest Matt Gaffney Friday 15x15 From $3 per month Subscribe
American Values Club Ben Tausig Thursday 15x15

One year - $20.00

Two years - $36.00

Fireball Crosswords Peter Gordon Thursday 15x15 $26.00 per year (45 puzzles) Subscribe
Classic Canadian Crosswords Barb Olson Wednesday 15x15 $19.99 per year Subscribe
Crucinova Lisa Bunker ? Various $29.99 per year Subscribe

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