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Author Topic: USB! USB! The July 24 crossword  (Read 1397 times)


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USB! USB! The July 24 crossword
« on: July 24, 2016, 02:53:26 PM »
During the 2016 Olympic games in Rio, we can chant "USA! USA!" Today only, we can chant "USB! USB!"-- although it is certainly not mandatory. The USB, Universal Serial Bus, is the industry standard for connections between peripherals (such as mice, keyboards and printers) and computers. A "bus" is a communications system which transfers data via cable, optical fiber or software. Compaq, DEC, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NEC, and Nortel teamed up to develop the USB in 1994-95. A detailed history of the USB is at

And yes, in computer terminology, "mice" is the preferred plural of "mouse," although most dictionaries say "mouses" is also acceptable. Perhaps -- but it just doesn't sound right:

Today's crossword by C.C. Burnikel is titled "Making Connections." Answer 120-down is USB, clued with "PC connection found in this puzzle's eight longest answers":

Sacred conviction: RELIGIOUSBELIEF
Gillette razor for women: VENUSBREEZE
2009 recession response: STIMULUSBILL
Not something to kid about : SERIOUS BUSINESS
Department of Commerce division : CENSUSBUREAU
Apple Store support station: GENIUSBAR
Omaha Steaks Private Reserve product: ANGUSBEEF
Eponymous explorer of the Aleutians: VITUSBERING

Vitus Bering was a Danish-born cartographer and navigator who led two exploratory expeditions to the northern Pacific region in the 1700s:

"Day after dimanche" is LUNDI, which is not used in English. "Madre's hermanos" is TIOS, which is not used in English. "These, to Luis" is ESTOS, which is not used in English. "'Fat chance, Friedrich!'" is NEIN, which is not used in English. "Protest topics: Abbr." is RTS. Yeah, I suppose -- but in the context of civil rights, "rights" is never abbreviated. "Morning hours" is AMS. That is another awkward abbreviation. Who ever makes a plural out of "a.m."? "Brightest star in Cygnus" is DENEB. Um, okay. "'I'm an idiot!'" is DOH, an exclamation which is popularly attributed to animated character Homer Simpson but originated with James Finlayson, a squint-eyed actor who appeared in 33 Laurel & Hardy comedies. Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer Simpson, did indeed adapt Homer's "Doh!" from James Finlayson.


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