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Author Topic: Can someone help me add 2 word lists from Cruciverb to my Crossword Complier?  (Read 1314 times)

Kumar (Kem) Balani

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 June 17, 2021
To Everyone . AnyoneOut There: 
Can someone quickly help me add 2 word lists from Cruciverb to my Crossword Complier?
As a newly re-joined Cruciverb member who donated $100 for a three-year membership, i am entitled to download these two lists. 

I am not very computer savvy and may need "walking through" the process of downloading the lists.

I was recently creating a Sunday crossword on a humorous theme for a puzzle publisher

The maximum number of words allowed by this publisher is 140, and maximum black squares allowed in 72.

Based on my current word lists, I created a puzzle with as few as 134 words (and up to 140 allowed words) but with 74 black squares,
two more than the allowed limit of 72 black squares

By downloading ANY ONE OR BOTH the CRUCIVERB lists, I should be able to complete the crossword within the allowed limits.

So I have attempted to download the NYT.txt word list, but to no avail. I usually do not download entire lists but in this case,
I have no other choice but to add at least one list (if not both lists) to complete the construction. My contact numbers given below,
i will appreciate your help, and will certainly do you a return favour.

Kumar (Kem) Balani
Tel: 732-306-5292


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