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Author Topic: Announcing a new collaborative, online, crossword constructing tool  (Read 358 times)

Russell Cohen

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I'm really excited to announce the public launch of -- it's still in beta in that you may run into small bugs, but I'll try to get them fixed ASAP if you find them.

It's a collaborative, online, crossword editor (think Google-docs for crosswords) that supports:
- Autofill based on scored word lists
- Complete history and checkpointing. You can revert to any time in the past and undo forever.
- Real-time collaboration with both editors and viewers
- Import / Export .puz/.ipuz
- Export PDF in "test solve" or NYT format
- Bring-your-own wordlist
- Runs in the browser (so no need for Windows eg. CCW or installing ancient Java versions eg. Crossfire)

A few features coming over the next few weeks:
- Test solve mode: Send a link to a test solver. You'll be able to watch a replay of their solve along with any notes they had at the time.
- Improved real time collaboration features
- Faster filling
- [If sufficient interest] mobile support (currently it will only work in desktop browsers)
- Others? If you want it, I'll try to build it.

If it's missing a feature that's preventing you from pulling the trigger, please let me know! If you want a trial of the pro features, let me know as well.

Please send feedback! The easiest way is to email


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