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joon pahk:
kevin (or anybody else who might know about these things),

i'm trying to write a script that will download a week's worth of sun puzzles at a time (actually an update of alex boisvert's script that used to do the same thing back when the puzzles were on, but i can't seem to get it working. do you know if the initiated download works with curl? i'm trying the following command:

--- Code: ---curl -b cookies.txt -d op=get -d date=081015 -o sun081015.puz
--- End code ---

and getting no love. (-b feeds in a cookie file, -d passes form data, and -o specifies the output filename.)

The sun.php script checks to see if you're logged in, then checks to see if you're a Sun subscriber. You won't get any love working with a script that attempts to bypass the login process.

Alex Boisvert:
Joon --

This site has a tutorial that might be helpful:

I don't know anything about PHP but it looks like the type of thing you'd need.  There's probably a way to modify it to create an executable program for Mac/Unix.  If you come up with anything let me know.  I'll look into it myself.

Alex Boisvert:
By the way, Kevin, if we do come up with a way to access the Sun puzzle using a script (that would first log us in, of course) would that be allowed under the terms of service of this website?  I don't want to waste my time trying to come up with something only to find I can't use it.



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