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LA Times (and lots of other) dead links

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The PUZ link to the LA Times has disappeared.

And probably half the links purporting to give puzzles in puz format have been useless for months.

LA Times is constantly down so annoying. I e-mailed Kevin McCann but nothing’s happened

Phoenix Person:
This is getting quite old. The Monday puzzles haven’t been posted before Wednesday for the past several weeks now. Doesn’t look like we’re getting them at all this week. I wish there was some other method to get the LA Times puzzles on my phone...

The LA Times is the only reason I subscribe to this site. I can get the NY Times on their site. I may have to cancel if this doesn't get fixed.

If you haven't noticed it, see the PUZ thread started by Glenn9999. Today at least, it's the very next thread in the forum list. It's a workaround but much appreciated.He goes to the trouble to format the LAT puzzle into a format that can be maneuvered across lite according to his instructions.  Most recent puzzles added to the bottom of the thread each day. The LAT link has been problematic from time to time so at those times, this is better than nothing.


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