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I'm looking to do some statistical analysis of puzzle grids--not the clues or the answers, just the grid patterns and layouts themselves.

Does anyone know of an existing digital compilation of high quality puzzles that would serve this purpose?  Ideally I'd like to do this for NYT puzzles, and it would help if they included human-assigned difficulty ratings (or, in a pinch, what day of the week they were published on).

Anybody know of a good digital compilation of NYT puzzles that's in a format I can actually work with?  (I.e. not in some weirdo proprietary binary format that I'll never be able to read with my own tools)

These are all from NYT-

Thanks.  That, at least, is a source for the grids.  But they don't seem to be available in a "one-big-download" format.  It looks like I'd have to do them one by one, which since we're talking about several thousand grids, would be a major pain.

Does anyone know of (or have) a mondo zip file with all the .puz files in it, or a database in some other form that already has all the grids loaded into it?

There's a large number of grids that come with Crossword Compiler.  You might ask Antony Lewis if he could provide you with the specs for accessing them for a statistical analysis study.  However, there's no indication of where a grid comes from, nor which day of the week.


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