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French Word Lists?

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Does anyone know of (or have) a complete French word list that I can use?

I've cobbled together a basic list from various sources, but am still struggling with fills. My current list has only about 13,000 words and I understand from searching the interwebs that a typical French dictionary actually has about 35,000 words.

Help would be much appreciated...

I'm not sure this would be useful for an English language puzzle, Usually, an editor will accept only commonly known words in a foreign language.

I'm not sure what in my post makes you assume that this is for an English language puzzle, but thanks for the reply.

Still seeking French word lists...

Alex Boisvert:
I found a few by searching for unassociated, slightly obscure French words.

Hope this helps ...

Wow! That's one very effective (and clever) search strategy! And after all that time I spent on Google before I posted the question here...

Merci beaucoup !


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