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So I just sent in my very first crossword to Mr. Shortz this past Monday and I am anxiously awaiting a response... I gotta say it was a pretty great feeling popping that envelope in the mail, even though I know the chances of rejection are pretty good. It was still fun getting it done, and I'm proud of the puzzle no matter what. 

Just thought I'd join up on this site and say hello... I haven't looked around much but I'm guessing this is probably a pretty friendly place.  Also, I guess I'd like a place to post my puzzle in case no one wants to publish it.  Anyway, I'm Mike and I live outside of Detroit.  Hope you all are having a good day! 

Good for you, Mike!  Just a word of warning -- the NYT gets a whopping number of submissions, so sometimes it's quite a while before you hear back.  You might consider signing up for the (free) CRUCIVERB-L mailing list.  It's really a lot more active than these forums.  If you're interested, you can find out more by clicking the CRUCIVERB-L link on the left side of your screen, under the heading Navigate.  Welcome and good luck with your submission.

Will do and thanks a lot! 

Quick question for anyone... I only solve the Times puzzle with regularity (I'll pick up any crossword I can get my hands on, however), but what other publishers take highlighted squares or rebus puzzles?  I have never come across one in any other paper.  Thanks in advance :)


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