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X-Words for Teens = $750?


Ok, so my son (age 13) is interested in doing crosswords since he sees my desk littered with them at work...I search and find a "Crosswords for Teens, Longo/Shortz" and think, wahooo!

Only to find that Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc has it for a mere $750+?????

Just curious if anyone knows the story here?


Holy Canoli!  You are correct.  I sell books on Amazon and just checked it out.  Occasionally a seller will put in a very high false price, but this book shows three sellers with a very high price.  I don't get it.  The ranking for this book shows that the last sale for this title was about a month.  I'm perplexed.

A SALE??!?!!?

gotta be something going on here!   :D

Yes, a sale.  But it's impossible to know the selling price.  I was wrong about three books, there are seven, I believe.  Something is very strange . . .  Maybe I can find this book at a resale shop for a dollar and make a whopping profit!


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