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Cruciverb's great new format!


Love it - snazzy, easy to read, and still has the same good stuff.  Thanks.

A lot more good stuff coming soon. Stay tuned!

- Kevin

I like the new format.  However, one problem - the background is BLACK for the puzzle database, so headers, etc. that are in colored ink show up only very faintly.    For example, if there are multiple responses in the database, it shows up as purple (?) on white background.  However, if there are no responses, I get the "sorry, no results for ....." in a pale color ink against a black background and it is essentially unreadable.   Do I need to change some settings?  Thanks.

Solved my own problem by upgrading for IE7 to IE8.

You'd probably do even better if you upgraded to either Firefox or Chrome. Try it and you will never go back.


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