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Author Topic: Xanagram - a crossword, jumble game for iPhone,iPod, and iPad  (Read 2277 times)


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Hi folks

(apologies if this is inappropriate but not sure where to post such information):

An iPhone app that I have developed Xanagram (and the free version Xanagram Lite) is now available in the App Store. It is a crossword jumble type of a game that requires you to unscramble words to solve puzzles. I would appreciate if you folks find time to try it, (if you like it) buy it, and of course provide feedback either way.

Xanagram Lite is free, and Xanagram is $1.99. The main difference is that the full version uses a much larger dictionary with longer words.

Here is the Apple App Store description for Xanagram:

Do you love solving crossword puzzles?

Do you love word jumble games that require you to unscramble jumbled words?

Then Xanagram is the game for you!

Xanagram displays a puzzle with two words whose letters have been scrambled. You solve the puzzle by unscrambling both words. To unscramble a word, rearrange the letters in the words by touching on a letter and dragging it over to its correct position within the word. When the puzzle is solved, and you move on to the next puzzle in the game.

* An exhaustive dictionary of over 2500 words!

* Easy words to not-so-easy words with meanings. Play to improve your vocabulary; Hone your anagram solving skills!

* Adaptive Difficulty: Xanagram adjusts the difficulty of the next puzzle depending on how you do.

Here are some links which provide additional information:

App Web site:
(with screen shots and video)

App Store Links:

Xanagram Lite:

The Facebook page:



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