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Author Topic: Searching and Constructing Acrostics  (Read 10939 times)

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Searching and Constructing Acrostics
« on: October 29, 2023, 11:42:08 AM »
I would like to try my hand at constructing an acrostic puzzle.   Does anyone know if is there any way to search old New York Times acrostics to determine that a particular author and quote has not been used before?  I use  Xwordinfo’s Clue and Answer Finder to spare me from constructing crossword puzzles with themes that have already been used – is there anything similar for acrostics?

Can anyone recommend any good software for constructing acrostics?  Alex Boisvert has a great youtube video showing his software, but when I try to use the program it links to, it doesn’t look or work like in the video.  An Australian man has something called “Crossword Express” that purports to have an acrostics component, but no matter how many times I download it, I can’t get it to open.  (Can you guess that I’m in my sixties?)

Any advice anyone can give would be most appreciated.


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