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Submit one puzzle with suggested variants, or two very similar puzzles?


Mister G:
Hi all,

I'm just about ready to make my second submission to the NYT. (The first was rejected last year, alas.)  I have a possible variant for the puzzle that would change half of a theme entry and a few associated fill words.  Is that variation enough to justify submitting two separate (but quite similar) puzzles?  Or should I submit just one entry and explain how the editors could swap out a few words in that particular quadrant? 

My first instinct was to submit just one puzzle with an explanation of the possible variant. My thinking was that this would be less likely to annoy an editor.  But it may be easier for a reader to visualize the variant if I just submit it separately.

Do you all have any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance.

Personally, I'd be inclined to pick the one that I think is the better version.

Mister G:
Thanks for your reply.  I guess that's part of the issue: I think both are pretty good!  But yeah, I'm inclined to just submit one puzzle along with some suggested alternative words.

 Crossword editors already receive loads of submissions, and multiple submissions are not likely to increase your odds. In fact, some editors might be put off if they reject one submission just to see five more from the same cruciverbalist.

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