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Cruciverb puzzles not opening

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    This happened once before:  When I try to open the Universal, Wall Street Journal puzzles, the cursor just spins; the puzzle never opens. I just donated money too, will that help?  Retro67

LA Times seems to work, but WSJ also doesn't work for me.


The Universal and Wall Street Journal puzzles are hosted on the server. For those puzzles, I just provide the links. I do not know what the issue is. Let's hope it's up and running again soon.

-Kevin (site owner)

I hope so too. We do them every day.

Martin Herbach is on vacation as the main Cruciverb page now indicates (thanks Kevin!) Best workaround until he returns: download from the source.

Use the excellent Crossword Scraper for Chrome or Firefox to create a .puz file if you prefer solving with Across Lite.  Many of us use the scraper for the NYT puzzles now that they no longer post them for subscribers in .puz format. Links are below.

Hope this helps!  :)


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