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How To use Crossword Books To Solve the Puzzles Within


Since I'm not really sure where else to ask this:

Maybe I'm missing something, but I've found so many problems in doing that without having to literally tear up the book by carefully dis-binding it and removing the individual sheets.  Namely besides that, if I try to just use the book, I'm fighting the binding from it going closed, the size of it itself is awkward to handle, especially if I'm doing it as a diversionary activity out somewhere in public.  Then somehow there's always ink transfer (like carbon copy) to the pages below when I'm writing along with the indentation on the paper providing a nice memory of past crossword solved and confusing the matter

So, am I missing something obvious?  How do people typically handle solving crossword puzzles out of books so it's both convenient and not annoying to do?

To minimize transfer, you can try writing lightly with a pencil or a fine-tipped pen. If you're new to solving from books, pokedoku start with easier puzzles to build confidence and avoid frustration.


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