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What happened with Cluer?


I downloaded the Cluer app for Mac from what I thought was this site around 4 years ago. Now it's very buggy, crashing often, and won't look up clues via the "t?an??d" style format anymore, it just freezes. Searched all over Google for the program so I could uninstall and redownload it but it seems to have fully disappeared? Any of you know what's up with that? If that's no longer a thing, any suggestions as to other programs similar to Cluer that are online or could be run on Mac would be awesome. Thanks y'all!

My understanding is yes, the clue database and related software has been discontinued and is no longer available. The guy who was doing it (free) moved on to bigger and better things, and no one took it over.

I'm not familiar with Cluer, but lets you search for words with all kinds of boolean options.


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