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Researching the June 19 crossword


Pawel Fludzinski has created several themeless crosswords for the New York Times and Los Angeles Times since 2017. He is a former chemist and researcher with Eli Lilly & Company. He should have done some research for today's puzzle. "Like Superman's alter ego" is SECRET – but it really isn't. Not anymore. Superman debuted in Action Comics #1, published in April 1938. His origin story appeared in Superman #1, published in May 1939. Baby Kal-L was put into a rocket and sent to earth by his father just before the planet Krypton exploded. The rocket crashed in Kansas near the farm of John and Mary Kent, who discovered him and named him Clark. (Kal-L was later renamed Kal-El and the Kents were renamed Jonathan and Martha.) In Superman volume 5, #18, published in December 2019, Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent revealed his secret identity to the world: He's Superman. Pawel Fludzinski obviously hasn't read any Superman comics for a while.

"Highly touted computer product we're still waiting for" is VAPORWARE. The Oxford English Dictionary defines vaporware as "software or hardware that has been advertised but is not yet available to buy, either because it is only a concept or because it is still being written or designed." The obvious question: Why would a company waste money advertising a product that isn't available?

"Good, to Guillermo" is BUENO, which is not used in English. "El ____ Pacifico" is OCEANO, which is not used in English. "'Tis the season" is XMAS. The word is properly pronounced "Christmas," not "X-mas." X represents the Greek letter chi, the first letter in Χριστός (Chrīstos). The word "Xmas" can be traced back to a military banner designed by 4th century Roman emperor Constantine the Great. Here are the details:

Speaking of Kal-El and speaking of Christmas, did you know Superman has a brother whom we sing about every year at Christmas time? His name is No-El.



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