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Hello to Everyone,

I am new to this website. Although I have been a crossword solver for many years, I am only now beginning to think about constructing puzzles. I solve mostly 21x21 puzzles and have a couple of themes that I would like to construct. My question is this:
How does the 'Crossword Compiler' work? Does it provide a blank grid that I can enter clues and answers into?
Thank you for any feedback you could provide to a 'rookie' constructer.

Yes, Crossword Compiler is a comprehensive tool for creating crossword puzzles (and many other kinds of puzzles). It has a grid library, and also includes some word lists (though for professional constructing you'll need better lists than those included). All the information about the program is here:

This is the program that is used by most professional constructors, but one caveat: it is only compatible with Windows. If you are a Mac user, you will want to get Crossfire, which has similar functions, though is not as sophisticated (IMO) as Compiler. It's also cheaper, and works on Mac and Windows.


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