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this is a message I sent to the NYT crossword Help/Feedback section.  Has anybody come across this Ink Saver issue?


I have found that the INK SAVER feature on my iPhone and iPad no longer work.  It works fine when printing from the desktop full web site, but when I access the Print Puzzle from my mobile devices (although still going through the web site), the ink saver does not work.  I can slide it to a lesser ink level, but when it creates the PDF page to print, the crossword is still using full black squares.  From my computer version, the created PDF puzzle goes to grayer squares.  I print a lot of puzzles, so I have always (successfully) used this feature from my iPhone and iPad.  I don’t know when the problem started…some time in the last 4 weeks.  It was working fine, but then I went to Europe for a vacation for 2-3 weeks, and when I got back, the first puzzles I tried to print were in full-black on the pdf page, even though I slid the ink saver over to a grayer shade.  When I then return to the ink saver page after the full black PDF is created, the slider is back in the original position as if I’d never moved it at all!  Is there any help/fix for this?  Have others encountered this problem?

Thanks for any help.



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