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Q: I am just starting out with puzzle constructing. Is it cool to use established grids and put in my words/puzzle? For example I have a book of crosswords and I am just going one by one and creating my own, based on the pre-made grids.
Or, to be authentic, do I need to start from scratch? Seems hard LOL!

It's perfectly OK to use preexisting grids for your puzzles. You'll find lots of them on this site (, and also in any software program that you choose to use to make your puzzles (Crossword Compiler is the most popular). Sometimes you have to tweak them to make them fit what you're trying to do, or add a black square in a corner that's tricky to fill (these are sometimes called "cheaters" or "helpers").

Thank you!! Very encouraging  :)

There's also a great article on how to place blocks in the "Sage Advice" section from the sidebar at the left. In fact I'd say that all of the articles over there are fantastic, so you should definitely read and check them out.

Here's a link to Roy Lena's blocks article.



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