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How do you transfer the cruciverb wordlist to Crossfire on a Mac?

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I've asked around and no one has been able to give me a clear answer on this.   Can someone here help?  Thanks!


* Preferences (Cmd-,)
* Dictionary
* Add
* Browse for your nyt.txt file
* Choose where to put it in the list
* OK

Hello. I know this is an old thread, but this forum seems to be pretty quiet in any case.

I've tried following the above advice, and when I get to the step of browsing for my word list, it is greyed out. Seems Crossfire only wants to import files with a .dict extension. Any solutions?

(Yes, I have tried changing the extension - Crossfire then throws up an error saying that it can't read the file).

Don't have a Mac but think it should be similar to a windows PC, change the file format to .dict then paste them into the Crossfire folder near the default dictionary file.

Open the crossfire app, enter the edit menu, config and under the dictionary tab browse to the saved .dict files.

Mac users feel free to add the relevant equivalents to the edit menu, config etc.

This doesn't work. Any other ideas? Just spent 40 bucks on the gold membership at cruciverb for nothing if it doesn't. I got it specifically for the word lists. They should tell you its only windows compatible


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