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Hi -- I tried posting this earlier, but the system did not like the attachment I tried to upload.

I am new to the site, so I hope you'll bear with me. I just wanted to mention that pages other than the home page are displaying strangely -- the wide center column, which I think is where the page's main content is supposed to go, includes only the post on problems with the CRUCIVERB-L list. And the actual main content of the page (e.g., the forums) seems to be packed over into the narrow third column on the right-hand side. I've put a screenshot of what I am seeing (from the main landing page for the forums) here:

I am having this experience with both Firefox and Chrome (Windows), and on most pages on the site other than the home page. I don't remember seeing this kind of display when I visited about a week ago, so I'm wondering if for some reason a change was made that might have inadvertently harmed the display on site pages other than the home page.


I'm having the same issue as well, makes reading threads a pain :'(


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