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Author Topic: The October 26 crosswords: Something special  (Read 1230 times)


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The October 26 crosswords: Something special
« on: October 26, 2015, 03:48:33 PM »
Bruce Haight's Daily News crossword today includes SETSAIL, SORESPOTS, SLOWSTART, SELLSTOCKS, SEESTARS, SITSTILL, STOPSHORT, SADSONG ("Something to take and 'make it better,' in the Beatles' Hey Jude"), SEASALT, SKISUIT, STEEPSLOPE and SOULSISTER. It would have been nice if the final word had been "Leaky tire sound": SSSS.

The first word of the puzzle is METS, "1969 and 1986 World Series champs." It's possible that in two more weeks the clue will have to be changed to "1969, 1986 and 2015 World Series champs." Tomorrow, October 27, the Mets and Royals begin this year's World Series.....although the Royals are slight favorites to win the Series. (And a true "World Series" would include teams from other nations besides the United States!)

The Los Angeles Times crossword by Gail Grabowski and Bruce Venzke includes SPARKLINGWATER, DAZZLINGSMILE, GLOWINGREPORT and SHININGEXAMPLE. I suppose we can say the puzzle shows a flash of brilliance. One might think that "Persian on the living room floor" is CAT. In this case, it is RUG. FOREMOST is clued with "First and ____: most important." I'm surprised the editors allowed a clue which uses a word that is part of the answer.

The Universal crossword includes DOWNS ("Football foursome") in the center and DOWNPAYMENT, DOWNTOEARTH, WATEREDDOWN and WRITTENDOWN. Puzzle solvers who are football fans might regard the four long phrases as first down, second down, third down and fourth down. (Hey, be kind to me---I write my own material. :) )


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