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Author Topic: Par for the course: The October 12 crosswords  (Read 1122 times)


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Par for the course: The October 12 crosswords
« on: October 12, 2015, 03:54:07 PM »
Paula Gamache's crossword in today's Daily News includes

They lead to garages: DRIVEWAYS
Tool for moving hay: PITCHFORK
Slow motorboats, informally: PUTTPUTTS
Pressed recycled paper used for notepad backing: CHIPBOARD

"Having debts...or where to find a golf ball after the starts" of those words: INTHEHOLE.

"Team motivator" is RAH. Having never played on a team outside of junior high and high school, I can not say for certain but I wouldn't think that athletes would feel any extra motivation after hearing a crowd yell "Rah!" They should be motivated before going out on the playing field. A rah-rah chant likely will be of no benefit. Similarly, a crowd yelling "Charge!" after hearing a recording of a cavalry call played on a bugle is not going to improve the batter's ability to get a hit.

The Los Angeles Times crossword by Ron Toth and C.C. Burnikel includes CLUTCHPURSE, GRABBAG, SEIZETHEDAY and SQUEEZEBUNT. "Warning in a roller coaster," and a hint to the first words of those answers, is HANGONTIGHT. Brand names used to be taboo in crosswords. This one has seven: COTY, EGGO, DEPOT ("Home ___: Lowe's rival"), PABST, PURINA, SANKA and SIRI ("'What can I help you with?' iPhone app").

The Universal crossword often includes one particular word (or a homonym) four times. Today's has LOBSTERROLL, ROLLTOPDESK, ROLEPLAYING and ASSUMEAROLE. And with that, it is time for me to roll. See ya!


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