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Error in the first Word Cross puzzle


I see some versions of the first WordCross puzzle that seem to be showing a facsimile of the clues that have what seems to be a typo in it.  Clue 21-34 To agree with, but this should be 24-31.  The typo, if that's what it is, is in Ben T's very fine new book, but was it in the original?  The versions I see on line seem to have it correct. 

Todd G:
It looks like Ben's version has a typo.  The puzzle in Michelle Arnot's book What's Gnu? uses 24-31 as well.  Everything else agrees, including the unusual way the squares are numbered.

Ben Tausig's book seems to use reproductions of the puzzles exactly as they appeared in the original publications and yet there is that numbering error in the clues to the first Word-Cross. I'm guessing that a copy of the original puzzle was scanned using an OCR and the numbers for the "agree with" clue were illegible so somebody retyped them and simply switched two of the digits. A correctly-numbered reproduction is at


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