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Best software for Macs?


Hi all,

I am very new to this and have been using the Crossword Maker app for iPad.  Does anyone else use this?  Is there better software out there for Macs?  Most of what I have found is for PC.

Thank you

For constructing? You can still use the gold standard on a Mac (assuming it's relatively new).

Like many Mac users, I'm using Crossword Compiler under VMware Fusion running Windows 8 and it works great:

The only real downside is the extra costs: in addition to the licensing for Crossword Compiler, you'll have to spend $50 on Fusion, and $100 or so for a Windows license (Windows 7 or 8 ).

FWIW, be careful buying Windows through Microsoft as they seem to offer only "upgrades" via their store, and you'll need a full version unless you already have an unused key. I bought my copy here:

Good luck!


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