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I can't find any way other than PayPal to subscribe to the Sun puzzles, though this site says I can subscribe by credit card.  How do I do this?

Papa John:
If I did it the right way, here's how -- just keep clicking on the Pay Pal pages. You'll be able to enter your credit card number and then, eventually, it's the credit card that gets billed but, apparently, Pay Pal handles the transaction. Not sure if this makes sense, but I think it will once you go back and try to subscribe, again.

Thanks, Papa John.
That seems to have worked.


--- Quote from: Nancy Salomon on October 15, 2008, 05:04:58 PM ---Is there someplace on this site that shows our membership status re the Sun puzzles?  I subscribed and can download the Sun puzzles.  Does that tell me everything I'm supposed to need to know?

Nancy Salomon

--- End quote ---

Hi Nancy,

The status is the same for all subscribers. That is, they are subscribed until Feb. 27th, 2009. If we get enough subscribers Peter may be able to keep things going and do another 6-month run (or maybe longer, we haven;t really talked about it). At that point he would need people to renew.



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