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Title: LAT Thu. 7/16 Jack McInturff
Post by: magus on July 16, 2009, 09:47:32 AM
This puzzle was interesting not so much for its theme or creative clues, though there were two good ones: "Call from the flock" for AMEN and "Quasimodo's 'our'" for NOTRE [from The Hunchbck of Notre Dame].  Some of the orthography was unusual:
TNPK instead of the more familiar TPK for turnpike.
UPSA-daisy instead of "upsy-daisy."
PTUI for "Spittoon user's sound."   [I confess that my reading of 19th Century English and American literature has not prepared me for this echoic term.]

I wonder why Jack chose "On a slant: Abbr." for OBL [oblique].  Osama Bin Laden's initials often appear in news headlines, which, oddly, are often oblique in their slant.