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Title: LAT Sun. 3/15 Mark Feldman
Post by: magus on March 15, 2009, 10:38:00 AM
Mark me ---O mark me---   'Tis the Ideas of March
Hard upon Dan's fine -un puzzle, Mark gives us an -ly job.  I liked:

I was surprised to learn that TAPS has only four notes and Roy Rogers' real name was SLYE (smart move in his generation; today Roy would be Slye).
I don't really think walking arm in arm is a sign of intimacy.  My boss once walked me through the hall that way: I was 20 and he was chiding me for assigning Catcher in the Rye to high schoolers. 
I also don't think EROSE has the vaguest notion of where his arrows hit.  Isn't the divorce rate 50%? 
And, does anyone like a cold SPA? :)