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Title: Software solutions for a crossword with two legitimate solutions?
Post by: BartGold on December 31, 2021, 05:33:05 PM
Hi all-  and much thanks to those who've posted so many amazing resources. 

I've written a Schroedinger crossword organized around one question with two possible answers. Let's call those dual answers ONE and TWO for short. (Which is to say three spaces in a row with one letter each, no rebuses. [ O [N] E ]

Has anyone found a system that will allow you to designate both answers as legal?

If not- if this kind of thing requires special programming on the E version- how would one submit such a puzzle? 

To make it even more complicated- that dual possible answer is sandwiched between regular nonfungible letters across the middle of my grid.

So the complete across answers would be like   R O U N D [ O [N] E ] K N O C K O U T  or R O U N D [ T [W] O ] K N O C K O U T for example and corresponding crosses like NOW and WOW as legal alternates for the down answer in the middle of ONE/TWO, etc.

I suppose the answer depends on how the editors actually evaluate the puzzle submitted.  If they solve it as normal one would need to submit a functioning .puz with one of the answers used?  But if they just look at the answer grid then one could plug in rebuses to represent the two possible letters in those squares?