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Title: Apostrophe in Across Lite
Post by: fkdiver on August 06, 2021, 12:06:39 PM
Does anyone know how to enter a clue containing an apostrophe when creating a puzzle in Across Lite?  Any time I try to use an apostrophe the software turns it into   â€™
Title: Re: Apostrophe in Across Lite
Post by: trauer1282 on October 12, 2021, 11:44:32 PM
Sorry fkdiver, I just noticed your question. If you haven't gotten a response elsewhere, the solution is fairly simple.

In a text file prepared as input to Across Lite (in order to create a .puz file, solve the puzzle using the program, or print the puzzle) the program can handle apostrophes and quotation marks in clues just fine but with one limitation: these marks need to be simple/straight (' or ") characters. So-called "smart quotes" in clues will result in the behavior you've observed. (These are apostrophes and quotation marks that don't point directly up/down; they are generated for example by MS Word when turned on in Settings > AutoCorrect).

So if you turn off smart quotes or work from a very basic text editor to start with, your apostrophes and quotation marks will render just fine in Across Lite.

Hope this helps!