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Title: Crossfire help
Post by: brasarehot on June 20, 2017, 03:40:19 PM
1) Why is it when the list of word suggestions says complete, it's not really complete. If the squares for the word are blank, crossfire suggests X amount of possibilities. But, if I replace the first square of the word with a letter (A, B, C, D...etc) then it will suggest more words than the original "X amount". How do I fix this?

2) Also, with any crossword program, is there a way to tell the program to suggest, for a particular grid area, only words that are two word phrases [Ex: 3 10 letter word corner]?

Title: Re: Crossfire help
Post by: 4wd on June 21, 2017, 12:47:06 PM
 From my understanding crossfire adapts to the letters added, the more you add the more specific it gets, thus limiting the search for possible entries. Plus in terms of more word suggestions that just means you've got multiple filling options for that particular area.

Don't know, hopefully a seasoned pro will give their 2 cents on this one. I'd just pick 2 great 10
letter entries and let crossfire choose the third. Stacks aren't my cup of tea