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Title: Across Share/Publish service gets a dashboard for all of your uploads
Post by: gvenkatesh on November 22, 2010, 03:44:18 AM
Thanks to the most popular suggestion from many here who have been trying the free Across Share/Publish service ( ), we have now made it possible to list, in a single page, all of the private link pages for uploads under a single e-mail address for easy maintenance. This is a problem we didn't anticipate until people started to upload multiple crosswords!

The next most popular suggestion to switch the crossword without changing the embed code is next in line. This will make it easy to publish or syndicate a crossword to third-party sites by giving them a fixed embed code. You can switch out the crossword daily/weekly/monthly or whatever time period suits you once on the service and have it reflected on all of your client sites immediately and automatically.

Please do keep the suggestions coming.