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Theme Type Times Used Description
Additions141Theme entries created by adding a letter, letters, or word to a word or phrase.
Alliterations22Theme entries are two-word (or more) phrases that have a common first letter or letter combination.
Anagram / Scramble23All or portion of each theme entry is scrambled.
Antonyms10Theme entries have opposite meanings or contain words that have opposite meanings.
Bookends3Starting and ending letters form a word or starting and ending words form a phrase in each theme entry.
Category Members637Entries or words that are members of a specific category.
Combined Types178Combination of two or more theme types.
Compounds47Words used in theme entries that can come before or after a target word.
Containers86Theme entries contain a \"hidden\" word or letter sequence
Definitions75Theme entries are in the form of a definition, while the clues are usually related and carry the theme.
Deletions52Theme entries created by deleting a letter, sound, or word from a word or phrase.
Designated Squares1Specific squares within the grid are identified in some manner and when read in order reveal a thematic message.
Direction change6Entries change direction as they are entered in the grid.
Double/Triple Letters28Words or phrases containing double or triple letters are featured.
Featured Letter(s)21Entries feature or highlight a given letter or group of letters
Grid design7The arrangement of black and white squares plays into the theme.
Holidays and Special Occasions28Theme is related to the day in which it appears.
Homophones32Theme entries have words that sound like other words.
Jokes / Riddles8Jokes or riddles is carried out by the theme entries
Language / Accent11Theme entries use another language, accent, or manner of speech
Mini theme26Two related major entries in an otherwise themeless puzzle
Other71test test
Pairs / Triplets / nTuplets12Theme entries are formed by adding together two or more words/phrases in the same category.
Palindromes4Theme entries reads same forward and backward.
Positional12Theme entries are positioned in specific grid locations or are positioned relative to each other.
Proper Name Play19Theme involves play with proper names
Punchlines9theme entries are punchlines led into by the clues.
Puns132Theme relies on the usually humorous use of a word in such a way as to suggest two or more of its meanings or the meaning of another word similar in sound
Quips and Quotes138Theme entries reveal a quip or quote revealed in order.
Rebus101Theme entries contain a segment that consists of a picture or string of letters to be entered in a single square.
Redivision10Theme entries are regular phrases clued as if the division between words were different than usual.
Repetition40Theme entries contain repeated words or sounds
Reversals7Part or all of the theme entries are in reverse.
Rhyme51Theme entries or words within the entries that rhyme.
Sequence106Series of words or phrases that produce a sequence from theme entry to theme entry. Word ladders (series of words that change one letter to move from one word to the next - invention of Lewis Carroll) are a special type of sequence.
Shared Centers10Two words or phrases that share an intervening word or segment.
Shared Initials7Theme entries are phrases that share the same initial letters, excluding alliterations.
Shift3theme entries consistently shift letter(s) or word(s)
Spoonerisms2Spoonerisms are phrases or words with swapped sounds. The name Spoonerism comes from the Reverend William Archibald Spooner who is reputed to have been particularly prone to making this type of verbal slip.
Stacked 15s81Fifteen-letter entries stacked on each other in a usually themeless puzzle
String / Chain14Theme entries formed of individual words in end-to-end fashion forming a string or chain
Substitutions112One letter, group of letters, or word(s) is(are) substituted for another in the theme entries.
Switch17Letters or words within theme entry phrases switch positions.
Synonyms259Theme entries or words within theme entries that have like meanings.
Tribute33Theme entries create a puzzle tribute to person or place.
Verse9Theme entries combine to create a verse, poem, limerick, or other similar form.