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Timothy Parker accused of puzzle plagiarism

It was bound to happen. And so it has. Timothy Parker, "editor" of the USA Today and Universal crossword puzzles, has been accused of puzzle plagiarism. According to a investigative report by Oliver Roeder, the thematic content has been lifted from puzzles that have previously appeared in venuies such as The New York Times. A kind reader might be inclined to chalk this up to mere coincidence, the only defence that Mr. Parker himself has offered so far. But anyone with an underrstanding of how crossword puzzles are made would be far less likely to accept such an explanation. Here is alink to the Roeder article.You be the judge:

Oliver Roeder's article

Professional crossword constructor Matt Gaffney takes an analytical look at the evidence in his Slate column here:

How to Spot a Plagiarized Puzzle

Timothy Parker has since "taken a step back" from his role as editor for the USA Today and Universal as the publishers investigate.

Problems with CRUCIVERB-L

This message concerns the delivery of the CRUCIVERB-L mailing list messages.

New email-related rules are now being enforced by some of the major ISPs, including Microsoft. This has had a major impact on the operation of mailing lists such as CRUCIVERB-L. I have done everything I can to adhere to the rules, and I was finally able to get Verizon to start accepting mail again. But some ISPs are not lifting their bans, even when a list operator has made all of the necessary configuration changes. Email domains affected include,, There are many more. I believe this affects non-digest (regular) subscribers only.



Crossword Subscriptions


It's nice to have the Today's Puzzles links on the right-hand column, but let's not forget about the subscription-based puzzles out there! If you want quality puzzles by some of the best in the business, look no further. The subscription fees are next-to-nothing, so please give your support and subscribe!


 NEW: CrosSynergy


Name Editor/Constructor Delivery Day Size Cost Action
CrosSynergy Syndicate  Bob Klahn / Various  Daily  15x15 One year - $24.99 (365 puzzles) Subscribe
CRooked Crosswords Cox & Rathvon / Henry Hook Sunday 21x21 One year - $15.00 Subscribe
Crossword Nation Liz Gorski Tuesday 15x15 One year - 14.99
Two years - 24.99
American Values Club Ben Tausig Thursday 15x15

One year - 18.00

Two years - 30.00

Fireball Crosswords Peter Gordon Thursday 15x15 One Year (45 puzzles) - $24.75 Subscribe
Classic Canadian Crosswords Barb Olson Wednesday 15x15 One Year - $19.99 Subscribe

Gary Cee's Crossword App

More and more puzzle constructors are choosing to self-publish these days. Sometimes with a website, sometimes in the form of an eBook. Gary Cee has chosen to brng his puzzles to the solving audience with his very own Gary Cee's Crosswords app for iPhone and iPad.


Gary's puzzles have appeared in the New York Times and LA Times, so you know you'll be getting quality crosswords

Find out more by clicking this link: Gary Cee's Crossword App

David Murchie's Monday Fills

David Murchie


Can't get your fill of Monday puzzles?


Then look no further than Monday Fills , a crossword puzzle site brought to you by David Murchie. David has published a Monday offering for the past 185 weeks straight! He also throws in the odd Quote Acrostic for good measure.


Be sure to bookmark this site and change your tune from "I Don't Like Mondays" to "Monday, Monday (So Good To Me)".


Visit: Monday Fills

Merl Reagle dies

Merl Reagle


Some very sad news. Crossword creator Merl Reagle passed away Saturday morning after a sudden and brief illness. Merl was an incredibly talented and funny guy. But he was also very thoughtful and kind, always generous with his time and advice. Many membners of this site and of the cruciverb-l list have known Merl for years. We are all so shocked and saddened by his death. There are some very nice obits available online, and many fellow constructors have posted eloquent messages on their facebook accounts. Merl certainly made his mark. He will be missed.

Washington Post obit

Gaffney's Crossword of the Month

Matt Gaffney

If you have not yet checked out the Gaffney On Crosswords website, one good reason to do so would be his "Best Crossword of the Month" feature. Every month Matt selects five nominees (puzzle/constructor) that are worthy of consideration, and ultimately decides on the very best one among them. As a prefessional puzzle constructor, Matt knows his puzzles, and it's great to see these "best-of-the-best" cruciverbal creations highlighted. Try them and see if you agree with his choices!

This month the nominees are:

  • Have a Blast! by Erik Agard. American Values Club Crossword, June 14th, 2015
  • Off With Their Heads! by Alan Arbesfeld . Fireball Crosswords, June 21st, 2015.
  • A Bit of Foolery by Matt Jones . Jonesin’ Crosswords, June 23rd, 2015
  • I Could Count on Two Hands by Christopher King . Chris Words, June 25th, 2015
  • Give Me a Ring by Jeff Chen . Chronicle of Higher Education, June 26th, 2015

Visit the Gaffney on Crosswords Puzzle of the Month page for the puzzle links and info.

The Clever Crosswords series by David Levinson Wilk

Buy Now on Amazon!


Puzzle constructor David Levinson Wilk has added three new books to his Clever Crosswords series. Each book contains 72 puzzles that are sure to entertain. Click on the links below to order from Amazon.

Missing the LA Times puzzle in Across Lite format?


Hello puzzlers! If you have been trying to get the LA Times puzzle and have not been able to it is probably because you have been getting it through a third party link. This is not permitted. LA Times has generously offered access to their puzzle in Across Lite format, but exclusively to the membership. To get the puzzle, you must log into this site first, then click on the "LA Times" link in the right-hand menu.


Please note that the 3-month LAT puzzle archive is temporarily unavailable. It should be back very soon.


Thanks again to the LA Times for making their puzzle available to members.


Call for quality puzzles!

Submission rates for the Chronicle of Higher Education crossword have dwindled a bit recently, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to remind people of the venue. You can view the detailed spec sheet HERE (scroll down to below the list of puzzle links), but here are the bullet points:

* We accept 15x15 (or occasionally 15x16 or 15x14) crosswords with scholarly themes -- literary, scientific, etc. Constructors are encouraged to send theme queries before filling a grid, and filled grids before writing clues.

* The pay is $150 per puzzle, which I believe is only behind the Times and Fireball in open-submission pay rates for that size.

Since submissions are low, turnaround time will be quite high -- once clues for a completed grid are sent, you should probably have at most a few months to wait before your puzzle runs.

Hope to hear from many of you.

Crossword Ease - The Secret Language of Crossword Puzzles

From Word-Buff


'Crossword Ease' is a play on the term 'crosswordese', an in-house word used by crossword puzzle aficionados (often called 'cruciverbalists') to describe obscure words that turn up in crossword puzzles quite often, but hardly ever in that hard-to-define place known as the 'real world'.


In this book I'll help you decode the clues that stop most people from finishing their morning newspaper crossword puzzle. While you're at it, you'll learn a whole bunch of fascinating stuff about how puzzles are made and how their makers try to trick us at every corner!


But the obscure words you'll master in this little book will prepare you for much more than crossword puzzles. You can use them to kick butt in Scrabble, Words With Friends, Lexulous, Text Twist, Spelling Bees, or a million other vocabulary games.


Or, if you prefer, just blow your friends away by casually sprinkling your dinner party conversations with words like RIA, EMIR, and OGEE.


Buy it HERE


Puzzazz Ships Puzzazz for iOS

Puzzazz announced the launch of their new Puzzazz App for iOS. Available now for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices, the Puzzazz app provides puzzle aficionados an elegant and highly optimized digital experience for solving a variety of different types of puzzles, including crosswords, cryptics, word puzzles, rebuses, and other types of puzzles created by world-class constructors. The app provides over one hundred free puzzles of all types.

At launch, the puzzle store is stocked with 29 puzzle ebooks from 17 authors, with more coming every month, so there's something for everybody who likes puzzles.

See the full press release HERE

Magus on the LA Times


on the

LA Times

So what did you think of the LA Times crossword puzzle today? Easy, hard? Good, bad? Compare your experience to that of Magus, who has been providing his daily assessment of the LA Times puzzle here, in the forums, for a few years now.

Visit the "Today's Puzzles" forum HERE


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