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LAT Sun. 10/17 Julian Lim



Still in Hollywood   FREEZEFRAME
Links site   CHAIN [I thought golf and sausage]
Bread component?   SILENTA
Common cell   MOBILEPHONE [not anymore, though]
Spam-revealing aid?   CANOPENER
Org. with many arms   NRA
Singles promoter?   KRAFT [individually wrapped slices]
Start to cure?   EPI [epicure]
Heading under which cabs are listed   REDS [cabernets]

Longbow wood   YEW [this appeared just a few days ago]

What vacationers are without, by choice   CARE [Really?  No cares: Airplane travel, food, accommodations…]
UTWO [it’s really U-2]
German donkey   ESEL

RATING:  ;D ;DThree grins = Excellent: Loved it; Two grins = Good: Enjoyed it; One grin = Satisfactory: A bit bland for my taste; One teardrop = Unsatisfying: No fun

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