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Garison Piatt:

--- Quote from: Kevin McCann on January 18, 2009, 10:22:16 AM ---In any case, do you think this is a technology issue or a people issue?
--- End quote ---

A combination of the two.  On the people side, we have those like Roy -- and myself, in fact -- who are too busy to regularly patrol a forum for new postings.

The technology should cover that, by notifying people of new posts.  Understanding this, when the forum was created, I immediately visited, and set the notify flag on both the entire group and the individual messages which were present at that time.

After a week went by with no notices, I visited the forum, and lo and behold, there we new messages I was never told about.  Seems that in addition to clicking the notify button, one has to go into one's profile and change the default notification type to "Replies and Moderation".  If, after 36 years of programming computers, I was unable to see this immediately, there is no hope for the casual PC or Mac user.

This is why I said that private (as in, reserved for a particular topic, as opposed to restricted admission) forums kill discussions.  Consider it this way: if two furniture stores are equal on all counts -- price, selection, service, etc. -- but one delivers and the other doesn't, where will you buy your next sofa?


I'm perfectly fine with the way you've set up the forum to discuss the puzzle project. It seems to be more of a "people issue", or more precisely, a lack of people participating.

I'll gladly be a rank and file worker on this project and help in any way I'm asked.
However, on a project like this I'm thoroughly unqualified for a major role.

Directing this effort may be a perfect fit for a retiree... Someone with a puzzle biz backround that would enjoy the challenge and its possible rewards. Fame and fortune not among them :-)


Mike Peluso:
I think I may have already said this, but Kevin, and a few others, have accurately identified that the solution needs to be one person, who's highly qualified and experienced (in both constructing and editing) and has plenty of time and connections. And this person will have to say, "I am planning to edit and publish a crossword book featuring puzzles from each of the 50 states. I am soliciting puzzles from constructors who wish to construct a puzzle from their state. The parameters of the puzzles are as follows: (insert editor's policies and restrictions here). If interested contact me." If this person's policies are in line with yours, submit your puzzle. If not, don't bother. It's the only way this will ever get done. Fifty constructors all wanting their own way just won't work. I really wish I had enough constructing experience along with any editing experience, because if I did, I'd seriously consider doing it.

By the way, I've completed and filed away my Washington puzzle, just in case that person comes along.



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