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LAT Sun. 8/22 Pamela Amick Klawitter


An Earlier Flight
(That ship has sailed)

Dutch big wheel?    GOUDA
Stock holder?    BARN
Spanish bread    EURO
A TV Maverick    BRET [played by a young James Garner]
Ball role    MAME [Lucille Ball played in Auntie Mame]
Devil’s playground?   RINK [ice hockey team, that is]
Brings down the house?    RAZES
Moth tail?    EATEN [do they really have tails?]
Reminder of an old flame?    ASH
You might have a hand in it    MITT
It’s over for Hans   UBER
Postgame recap?    ILOST
Group for people in labor?    UNION
“Tootsie” roll winner    LANGE
Get a load of    AMASS [literally]

Not only all of these goodies, but every letter of the alphabet!

Are PAGERS still used?
Aside from in crosswords, I don’t believe I have ever read or heard the word ADAR.  If you have and are not a rabbi, please let me know where.


For a discussion on foreign terms, click on “Forum” tab, look under “General Discussion” and select ZENOPHOBIA.


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