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Why was my topic thread deleted?


Late last night (probably around 2 or 3 am Eastern Time) I posted a thread in General Discussion about ideas for a planet-themed rebus puzzle.  I logged on to see if there were any responses when I discovered that the thread just disappeared entirely.  It wasn't moved to another forum space, it just vanished, and now it doesn't even show up in my "most recent posts" link.  Can someone explain why that happened?

I'll re-post it in the meantime.

Update: I've added the re-posted topic to the forum in General Discussion at this link:

I was moving the site from one service provider to another and some data got lost during a small window of time. In fact some people who registered on the site during that time will have to re-register.

- Kevin

Okay, thanks Kevin.  It's been re-posted, so no big deal.


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