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LAT Sun. 7/25 Nora Pearlstone


Tee for Two

Theme: additional T's creating dual meanings
Levy on butchers?   MEATTAX
Warren weeping?    RABBITTEARS
Can for old smikes?    BUTTTIN
Small pie a la Pollock?    ABSTRACTTART
Stuff that sticks for years?    GREATTAPE
Taunting from the Miami bench?    HEATTRASH [Miami Heat is the team and trash is the term for needling the opposition]

Good earth    LOAM
Split payment?    ALIMONY [I thought lay-a-way]
While opening    ERST
Indoor buzzer?    HOUSEFLY

Poetic entries:
Three-syllable feet

Caesar's closer    ETTU [doesn't closer mean last part of a play, not a character's last words --- Caesar's last words don't end the play]


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