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LAT Mon. 7/12 John Lampkin


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RE:  Solver's "undo" implement    ERASER

     I guess most Xwords are done on paper in pencil and with erasers, but there are some of us who use pen.  (I do because it stands out better on newsprint.)  I pride myself in filling out correctly a complete grid with no write-overs.  But most of the time I can't, and today was no exception.
     At 54-Down, clued by "Act like a couch potato," I had the first two letters, L and O, and wrote the obvious answer, LOAF.  Wrong!  It was LOLL, and now I have to wait another day for perfection.
     Speaking of perfection, at my age and experience one would think there would be no words I would not know on a Monday.  Wrong again!  Never heard of HIDEYHOLE.  :-[


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