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Maybe Indiana is being constructed by Gary.

John L:
I'll take Missouri.
Mike Peluso and MCarroll have lists that don't jibe.
Kevin, would it be possible to create an online sign-up page?

Thoughts about format: Why don't we use the Simon & Schuster Mega-book as a model, with 15s, 17s, 19s. and 21s living happily together?

At some point, we have to decide if this is going to be a commercial venture or "for fun."  The former might be best served by negotiating a deal with a major publisher before work gets started. The latter will require a modest participation fee per constructor to cover costs. In either case, getting a top notch editor on board is crucial.

Andy Gross on 1/8 laid out the practical considerations of the "for fun" approach. The task seems formidable, with little or no payoff for established constructors.

I suggest that we find a publisher who would be interested in this idea as a special project. That provides an editor, funding, and a built-in infrastructure. That frees us to do what we love most, creating puzzles.

John Lampkin

Repeating an earlier message to Mike Peluso, I'd be pleased to take Georgia if relative newbies are to be included.

Ada Kraft

I haven't made a crossword puzzle in a while, but I think I still have the chops. I'm Canadian, but I'd be pleased to take on a State that goes unclaimed, if that's allowed.

- Kevin

Hi everyone

I have just read all of the posts regarding this project. IMO, it is an excellent idea. I would be happy to volunteer a puzzle for my home state of Pennsylvania.

I haven't been around as a constructor for long, but I have a couple Sun puzzles out there as well as 4.5 LA Times (2 with Nancy Salomon).

It might be helpful to have small groups (to pick a random example, the DE, CO, NJ, TX constructors) provide feedback on each other's themes first, then fill and clues. An editor may be more happy dealing with products that have already been polished to some extent.

Scott Atkinson


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