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here's the list that I started - if I missed anybody, please update it.  marjorie

If novice constructors are being considered, I'd be happy to volunteer for Florida

I'd be happy to have a crack at Florida.  Fishy theme.

James Sajdak

Todd G:
Interesting coincidence that Indiana is being handled by someone of that name.  Is that Robert Indiana?  I only know him as an artist, I didn't realize he also did crosswords.



I had posted to the email list saying I'm a novice/non-published constructor. I also noted I have lived in CA/OR/MN/TN, but I neglected to say that I'm a native and current resident of CA.

All that being said I would love to do the CA puzzle - and I don't see a claim on it, so dibs!

 - Joel Berghoff


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