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LAT Sun. 6/13 John Lampkin


Final Advice for Space Cadets

It goes from one joint to another    TIBIA [I thought bar hoppers]
"Filthy" dough   LUCRE ["filthy lucre" is/was a common expression]
Creeping joints   KNEES
Piano players    HANDS
Ready followers?   SETGO [I thought willing advocates]
Pin cushion?    MAT [in wrestling]
Dispossesor?    EXORCIST
Doughnut for the road    SPARE
Big name in compacts    ESTEE [I thought cars]

GRASPINGATSTRAWS, suggesting desperation, doesn't seem to fit the other theme answers which suggest "being out of it." 

/    SLASH   [it's a virgule, but slash has become more popular]
In Music Theory...   INLALALAND [la refers to a musical sound]



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