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Hello everyone,

Our previous ISP took a nosedive and we have been forced to relocate. We're now with what I believe is a reputable and solid hosting company and I lwook forward to seeing 100% availability from now on.

Sincere apologies for the disruption in service.


Kevin McCann,


Great to have the site back.  Missed it very much.  A malfunction in the returned site:  go to Puzzle Database, click Answers.  Type in any word, e.g. APPLE.  When the results come up, click on any puzzle number.  See? 

Hoping to see the entire site up and running asap.

Sylvia B-

Thanks for everything you do Kevin.

Alex Boisvert:
Yay Cruciverb!  Man, just a few days off seems like forever.

Thanks for everything, Kevin.

Hey, Kevin-

Thanks for the update and for getting the site mostly functional again. We appreciate all your work!

You may have heard from others that the "empty grid search" feature isn't working yet either. I tried several combinations, and it's clear that for some reason the archive isn't accessible.



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