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LAT Sun. 2/14 Natalie Dyvens


Love This Puzzle!
Sailing or whaling   ASEA
Chelsea zoo opening   ZED [English letter z opens the word zoo]
Jolson and Jarreau   ALS [pop singers, but couldn't be different]
John, to Paul    LOO [but who's Paul, the Pope?  Ringo we know is a Brit]
Head cases?   CRANIA
It's a family affair    NEPOTISM
Roped, to Pedro    ANAGRAM
Price of many operas    LEONTYNE
SUV part    UTILITY [not axle, etc.]

Easy to use   WIELDLY [like whelmed almost always used with a modifier: un-; over-]

I don't get the title "Mad Love," but I was amazed at the anagrams Natalie was able to come up with.  Hope she does more puzzles.

Moby Dick has no hyphen in any of the texts I have come across.

Leisure fabric   DENIM [Isn't interesting that it was originally work fabric, and what were once dungarees are now jeans?]


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