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Eric J:
I suspect I am an Elementary student that was wandered into a Senior classroom.  Nevertheless I would like an answer to the following question, even if it hurts:

I have produced a table that could be used by crossword solvers or crossword constructors.   It presents groupings of words which have the same number of letters and all of which could be the correct answer for a crossword clue, like:

Alex Maione:
"an elementary student that has wandered into a senior classroom"

You're preaching to the choir there. Haha. I feel the same way.

This list seems interesting and it's a cool twist on word lists (which are not what you have; word lists are just lists of words; you have something different).

If I were you, I would keep expanding the list to include different things: i.e. short common sayings, place names that would be apposite, etc. I think it already has some value, but this could make it a bit more comprehensive, and less niche-y. lol.

Sorry in responding so late to this.
Constructor Matt Ginsberg has provided a database which allows one to run wildcard searches -- and even include words of the clue in the search.  So, yes, the capability you describe is already subsumed within this bigger database. 

Joe Krozel


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